niedziela, 4 marca 2012

Wiersze Grzegorza Wróblewskiego w Exquisite Corpse

Pokaźna porcja tekstów Grzegorza Wróblewskiego ukazała się znów w internetowym periodyku Exquisite Corps, tym razem w tłumaczeniach Agnieszki Pokojskiej. Świetnie! Gratulacje!
A ja dla własnej oraz Szanownych Czytelników przyjemności wklejam poniżej jeden z moich ulubionych wierszy Grzegorza.


Grzegorz Wróblewski

Anarchy and Tuna

a group of anarchists throwing a Molotov cocktail bought
for social services money
calculate the cost of finishing off
one policeman
you have to budget cleverly, as there has to be enough left
for canned tuna and lemon
canned tuna is just the thing for a rebel: a cheap foodstuff
that makes you go forever!
state officials regularly pay the anarchists
their dole and in so doing support anarchy
officials and anarchists supposedly being
two fiercely antagonistic worlds!
you can’t mention an anarchist in front of an official unless you
want him to have a fit of nervous hiccups,
or a white shirt tucked into grey pants
in front of an anarchist, unless you want him to get his knife
it’s hard to be an official,
it’s equally hard to be an anarchist,
but it’s shit manners to be an anarchist
in a welfare state